McCabe and Mrs. Miller

Charismatic gambler John McCabe (Warren Beatty) arrives in a mining community and decides to open a brothel. The local residents are impressed by his confident demeanor and fast talk, but crafty prostitute Constance Miller (Julie Christie) sees through McCabe’s words and realizes he isn’t as sharp as he seems. For a share in his profits, Mrs. Miller agrees to help plan and run McCabe’s establishment, but soon a powerful company threatens to destroy what they have built up. 

Correction: It’s Andrew McCabe and Stephen Miller … wrong movie, sorry.

.… and Miller’s hands are dirty as well.
Hey, my hands are clean, They’re clean machines.
… and those White House Whooper burgers were not that BIG..
Are you kidding me? Those WHW burgers were huge.

Some say, those WHW (White House Whooper) burgers are hard to swallow, also.

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