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If We Only Had Herd Immunity …

… we could say goodbye to Hoof and Mouth : ) And if we all had herd mentality … we would say goodbye to Donald Trump, also.

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Holy Cow Batman ~ The Daily Show

… and The Jim Jefferies Show, Page 2.

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No One Saw This Coming : )

Steve Bannon another former adviser to President Trump, was among four suspects arrested Thursday and indicted in connection with an online fundraising campaign that allegedly defrauded donors of hundreds of thousands of dollars, the Justice Department announced. According to the indictment, Bannon and … Continue reading

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The Border Wall: Hundreds of Miles Funded, 5 New Miles Built

It is what it is! Three and a half years into his presidency, President Donald Trump’s signature campaign to build a border wall has yielded only 5 miles of new barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border. The administration has set aside … Continue reading

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He Finally Build His Wall

Nogales, United States – March 26, 2012: Since this section of new 18 foot tall fence has been completed in 2011, officials have cut the number of aliens entering the United States at this particular location drastically. However, only 685 … Continue reading

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Sunset at Dusk

East side of west end.

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Trump’s Wall ~ The Lincoln Project

Stop the wall … before it stops you.

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Enjoy ya Goya

O boy ya … I will sell ya Goya … ’cause this how i get my kicks … sellin’ beans to old red nicks. Beans for breakfast, lunch or dinner … Vote for me ’cause I’m a winner. Many say, … Continue reading

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