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VoteVets – Gold Stars

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Yoo Hoo … Yoho

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) New York Rep. Theodore ‘Teddy’ The Scott Yoho (R) Texas

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Witch Hunt Fish or Cut Bait

It’s a Witch Hunt.

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Did Someone Order Up a Sub Pita?

No, not at this White House. Sorry, we only serve Whoppers w/cheese & nothing burgers w/o no cheese.

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House Subpoenas Stalled in Committee

Due to a paper shortage … House subpoenas have stalled in Committee. ยง

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I Will Hire Only The Best and Brightest

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Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar

Some say Amy is difficult, strenuous, arduous, laborious, heavy, tough, onerous, burdensome, demanding, punishing, grueling, grinding, back-breaking and painful to work for. Hey, try working for this guy … The President of The United States of America. ~ Some say … Continue reading

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Outstanding Applause or Standing Ovation

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