Ratatouille A Memoir

Cooked up by Michael Cohen.

More Ratatouille ( A Memoir : ) on Page 2.

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2 Responses to Ratatouille A Memoir

  1. Avatar photo jlmoisey says:

    Yes of course. his hair has flair … his feet are neat and his faces are in the right places.

  2. Avatar photo jlmoisey says:

    The French know how to cook, and this concept is definitely one to follow. Ratatouille combines a large volume of late-summer vegetables that have different cook times. If you tried to throw them all into a pot at once, none of the veggies would have a chance to caramelize, the eggplant would fall apart by the time the zucchini is tender, and your ratatouille would probably never meet its full potential.


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