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Vote Before the Lights Go Out

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A Penguin Hatches at the RNC

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MAGA Boat Rally

More Daily Show on Page 2.

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Moose Limbs and Squirrel Nuts

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Five Centuries of Trumpery … That’s No Malarkey

Joe Biden, none of these … Donald Trump, all of these … plus traitor, of course. Synonyms for malarkey applesauce [slang], balderdash, baloney, beans, bilge, blah, blarney, blather, blatherskite, blither, bosh, bull, bunk, bunkum, claptrap, codswallop [British], crapola , crock, … Continue reading

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Trump ‘Lunches’ a Blintzkrieg Attack at Senator Harris

Also tried but not true verbal attacks like “nasty”,  “meanest” and “most horrible” …  “disrespectful” … Oh my! So what about the fritters? “I will launch a food fight like you have never seen before,” says the Liter of the free … Continue reading

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We Love You Donald! No Quid Pro Crow?

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Two More Rons Don’t Make It Right

The financier, Jeffrey Epstein had ties to celebrities, politicians, and royalty, was arrested last year on multiple disturbing charges. He died by suicide in jail, but questions about his life and crimes still remain. Likewise for his buddy … who … Continue reading

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