Five Centuries of Trumpery … That’s No Malarkey

Joe Biden, none of these … Donald Trump, all of these … plus traitor, of course.

Synonyms for malarkey
applesauce [slang], balderdash, baloney, beans, bilge,
 blah, blarney, blather, blatherskite, blither, bosh, 
bull, bunk, bunkum, claptrap, codswallop [British], 
crapola , crock, drivel, drool, fiddle, fiddle-faddle, 
fiddlesticks, flannel, flapdoodle, folderol, folly, 
foolishness, fudge, garbage, guff, hogwash, hokeypokey,  
hokum, hoodoo, hooey, horse feathers, humbug, hum buggery, 
jazz, moonshine, muck, nerts, nonsense, nuts, piffle, 
poppycock, punk, rot, rubbish, senselessness, silliness, 
stupidity, taradiddle, tommyrot, tosh, trash, trumpery

Trumpery derives from the Middle English trompery and ultimately from the Middle French tromper, meaning “to deceive.” (You can see the meaning of this root reflected in the French phrase trompe-l’oeil-literally, “deceives the eye”-which in English refers to a style of painting with photographically realistic detail.)  Trumpery first appeared in English in the mid-15th century with the meanings “deceit or fraud” (a sense that is now obsolete) and “worthless nonsense.” Less than 100 years later, it was being applied to material objects of little or no value. The verb phrase trump up means “to concoct with the intent to deceive,” but there is most likely no etymological connection between this phrase and trumpery.

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