Wake Up ~ The Lincoln Project, Reed Galen

What happened, Republicans?

When did we get so bitter? When did we get so cynical? When did we turn our backs on science, embrace conspiracy theories, and abandon our values of kindness and generosity? Donald Trump and Trumpism have completely warped the Republican Party’s ideals and values, so much so that the party of Lincoln is now unrecognizable even from three years ago. To help showcase how far we’ve fallen, The Lincoln Project has enlisted the help of Hollywood heavyweights—Director Jon Turteltaub and actor Stephen Root—to star in our first short film.

Take a horrible trip down memory lane as we reminisce about Trump’s claim of Mexico paying for his ridiculous walllocking children in cages, and paying hush money to porn stars to cover up his infidelity while his wife was pregnant. We’re so excited to announce that this video will be shown on TV all across America, and we’re so excited that you’re getting an exclusive sneak peek to watch it right now. Enjoy. – Reed

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