Tiger By The Tail

I got this … Trust me!

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Back To School with Coron-1

Teacher, did I pass the test?


Hey everyone I passed … my test was positive!

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  • Grand Old Party
  • Grumpy Old People
  • Grits on Pork
  • Gophers on Policy
  • Goosesteps on Parade
  • Grovel Obfuscate Procrastinate
  • Greedy Old Politicians
  • Great on Potatoes
  • Get off – Private (aka Get off my Lawn : )
  • Gruel Oatmeal Platter
Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho … it’s home from work we go.
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USA, USA, We’re Number One! … Sad.

Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges.

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There are Good Flags on Both Sides …

I love our beautiful colorful Stars and Bars … a very powerful flag as it’s furling and unfurling above our great Capital and many State Capitals and Post Offices all over our great country. I’m not fond of the surrender flag though many say there’s no color on it, just white all over … very hard to see on a snowy day, a loser’s flag, a surrender flag is for losers as you know i’m not fond of losers. The Great British flag on the other hand some call the union boot jack flag is a powerful flag also … and some say the not see flag was very strong very powerful back in the day … why it’s band in Europe and many other places is beyond me. blah blah blah ….

YOU NAILED IT! Sir. Flag-on, MR. PRESIDENT, Flag-on …

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Coron-1 Fails IQ Testing Once Again

Although, some say, if testing stops – it will graduate and just go away …

Bye Bye Coron

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Pandemic in America

Some say, if you wear a mask in public, you look like a Democrat …

~ ~ ~

( Otherwise, you l00k like one more Ron or two : )

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99 Per Cent of Coron1 Cases are Totally Harmless …

Thank God! … and we thought it was serious!

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