Donald Trump Our Greatest Hero Never


Donald Trump Our Greatest Hero? NEVER EVER!

From The Lincoln Project … as nightmare 3 of the RNC continues …

Trump knows nothing about what it means to be a hero. At tonight’s RNC, speakers will go on and on about Dugout Don’s reverence for our brave service men and women. Don’t believe them. Trump doesn’t care about our troops. If he did, he would never attack their families, question their heroism, or abandon them on the battlefield.

When a Gold Star family spoke out against his racist travel ban: Trump attacked them on Twitter. When John McCain stood up for the American people and his values: Trump said he wasn’t a war hero. And, when he found out Putin paid mercenaries to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan: Trump said it was a hoax.

Donald Trump uses our troops as props in his reelection campaign. Joe Biden knows what it’s like to send his own son to war. The military take sacred vows to protect the lives of all American citizens. They deserve a Commander in Chief who stands up for them. Trump is a liar, and morally unfit to lead our brave men and women.

— Reed
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